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SGDV-1R9D21A000FT001 USER'S MANUAL (Design and Maintenance)
Product model: SGDV-1R9D21A000FT001
Name: Servo amplifier
Brand: Yaskawa
Sort: Design and Maintenance USER'S MANUAL
File language: English
Equipped with INDEXER functional type servo unit (kit type).
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 15.0kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC400V.
Interface: instruction selection and installation (linear servo motor).
Matching (hardware): base mounting type (standard).
Matching (software): standard.
Matching (parameter): standard SGDV-1R9D21A000FT001 USER'S MANUAL.
Optional modules: INDEXER module SGDV-1R9D21A000FT001
By programming and serial programming, easy implementation of motion control.
Can also be installed through the Windows environment support tool (SigmaWin+) easy to start.
The I/O module can be connected with the upper controller simply.
To support the operation of the main purpose of the positioning operation based on the program table SGDV-1R9D21A000FT001 USER'S MANUAL.
The maximum number of programmable positioning points to 256 points.
With external positioning, JOG speed table operation, the origin of reversion, rich features such as programmable signal output.
I/O points for the input: 19 points, output: 16 points.
High speed and high precision positioning by combining with high performance V series.
Motion control can be realized without using motion controller SGDV-1R9D21A000FT001 USER'S MANUAL. Servo motor type SGMPH (speed: 3000r\/min).
Power: 0.4kw.
Power supply voltage: single phase AC200V.
Serial encoder: 16 bit absolute value.

Servo motor SGMSH type.
Rated speed: 3000r\/min.
Power: 1.0kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V.
Serial encoder: 17 bit absolute value.
Design sequence: A.
Shaft end: taper 1\/10, with parallel key.
Optional parts: with DC90V brake.
Ultra high power response series: the need for small inertia, high torque.
Online automatic adjustment, automatic measurement of mechanical properties, set the required servo gain.
Even if the initial contact, ccan also be completed in a short time the best set SGDV-1R9D21A000FT001 Manual.
Automatic identification of the motor, servo drive automatic identification of servo motor power, specifications, automatic setting motor parameters.
Standard for regeneerative resistance connection terminals SGDV-1R9D21A000FT001 Manual.
Connecting terminal equipped with external regenerative resistance,
Convenient connection regenerative resistor
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